CS 4803/8803 3DU Schedule


The schedule will very likely change, but it represents the current best estimate of what topics will be covered and when. The MIDTERM will happen the 7th week (Feb 18 or 20), and is initially scheduled for the 20th. It may moved if need be.

We will update it here and post announcements on canvas when things change.

Required readings are in bold.

Any reading in parenthesis are recommended, and you should at least skim them to be familiar with them at a high level (in case you need that material to understand future chapters, or for an assignment).

Week Date Topic Readings Assignments Notes
1 Jan 7 Introduction to Class, 1-intro VR pp 5-27, 3DUI Ch 1 Pre-Req Collaboration Policy, Survey 1  
  9 Git, Typescript, Babylon, A0   A0: Intro, out  
2 Jan 14 no class (prof sick)      
  16 History, Hardware, 2-history VR pp 28-58, 3DUI Ch 2 A0: in  
3 Jan 21 1 Minute Pitches, project discussion      
  23 3D UI Software Organization 3-UI_Software_Org A1:out  
4 Jan 28 no class     Prof in Berlin
  30 Audio (Guest: Maribeth Gandy)     Prof in Berlin
5 Feb 4 Output: Systems, Toolkits, Platforms 3DUI Ch 5.2, 5.5, 4-Output Software Project Milestone 0  
  6 hand out quests   A1: in, A2: out (Friday 7th, 11:59pm)  
6 Feb 11 in class work with Quests      
  13 Input 3DUI Ch 6.1, 6.3-6.3.1 5-Input  
7 Feb 18 Interaction Techniques Game Feel Ch1, 6-InteractionTechniques.pdf    
  20 Implementing Interaction Techniques 7-ImplementingInteractionTechniques.pdf Project Milestone 1  
8 Feb 25 Selection / Manipulation 3DUI Ch 7, 8-selectionManipulation.pdf A2: in  
  27 Midterm Test      
9 Mar 3 VR apps demo period   A3: out last day before withdrawal deadline
  5 Spatial Perception 3DUI Ch 3.3-3.7, 9-Perception.pdf    
10 Mar 10 Navigation 3DUI Ch 8, 10-Travel.pdf    
  12 VR apps demo period      
11 Mar 17 Spring Break      
  19 Spring Break      
12 Mar 24 Attend IEEE VR 2020 talks in VR (Hubs)     Prof running VR
  26 Attend IEEE VR 2020 talks in VR (Hubs)     Prof running VR
13 Mar 31 System Control 3DUI Ch 9, 11-SystemControl.pdf    
  Apr 2 Tour and discussion of IEEEVR spaces   A3: in  
14 Apr 7 project feedback (schedule)      
  9 project feedback (schedule)      
15 Apr 14 project work      
  16 project work      
  19 night before final week   Project Milestone 2  
16 Apr 21 final review      
  23 reading period, no class      
  26 night before presentations   Project Milestone 3  
17 Apr 27 FINAL EXAM Period on Monday April 27, 11:20 - 2:10: Project Presentations (Project Milestone 4 due night before)