Resources for CS 4803/8803 3DU


I will be using a variety of technology to support various parts of running this class.

We will use Github Classroom to distribute and collect assignments. The github site is the organization. Github classroom takes care of creating a private repository for each student when they check out an assignment, and the TAs and Instructor will be given access. Github is also used for this site.

Canvas will be used for posting grades, or for sharing other private content (such as the link to the discord server, below). Most content will be shared here on github.

Piazza will be set up (via Canvas) for questions and discussion.

We will use Microsoft Teams for more synchronous discussion. A OneNote Course Notebook will be set up inside Teams. I will use this during lecture as an electronic whiteboard, and the content will be available to the class. I will put a PDF of the slides in the notebook before class, so those who are inclined can take their own notes on the slides in their personal section of the notebook.

Technology Resources

There are vast amounts of resources for Babylon, and Typescript on the web, starting with the documentation and examples on and Also notice that both are open source, and hosted at and The repositories have links to various resources, but also discussions galore in the issues.

Similarly, there are plenty of WebGL resources out there. A great starting point is

If you like video, searching for Babylon, Typescript or WebGL (or any other web related topic) on yields a lot of different videos from over the years.